MapLord Application Regulations
  1. Definitions

    For the purposes of the Regulations, the following terms have been defined, as presented below:

    1. Application - means the MapLord mobile game that enables Users to use the Services.
    2. Operator - means AST SOCIALLINE Oskar Bednarski with its registered office at ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 45a / 21, 25-435 Kielce, Poland, NIP[Tax ID No.}: 6572955418 being the owner and operator of the Application, as well as the service provider of the Services provided through it.
    3. Regulations - this document specifying the terms, conditions and scope of use of the MapLord mobile application, intended for mobile devices with the iOS and Android operating systems, and constitutes an agreement between the Operator and the User.
    4. Registration - means a process that each User is obliged to go through in order to use the Services provided by the Operator via the Application; registration takes place in the Application itself and consists in setting up an individual User account that will enable him/her to use the Services.
    5. Services - means the content and services provided to the User by the Operator electronically as part of the Application, which consist in particular of:
      1. enabling the game consisting in gaining control over the map (the so-called territory control) in a multiplayer mode, composed of Users, in order to compete between teams for dominance on the map, which is the area of the game;
      2. enabling the User to contact other Users, including through private messages, public chat and following the profiles of other Users;
      3. enabling the purchase of a Coin and enabling the Coin to be exchanged for virtual items offered by the Operator;
      4. granting virtual attributes as rewards for accomplished goals or achieving new levels of the game;
      5. providing notifications, including in the form of 'push' notifications, about the User's progress or other events in the Application, as well as about new products, including, in particular, new Operator's games;
      6. providing information about the products and services of the Operator and third parties.
    6. User - means a natural person who, by installing or downloading or using the Application on a mobile device, concludes a contract with theOperator on the terms set out in the Regulations.
    7. Coin - means a virtual currency created for the purposes of the Application, enabling trade between Users within the Application, as well as the User's purchase of additionally paid content, improvements or other Services offered by the Operator. The Operator is entitled to give any name to the virtual currency, also a name other than Coin, which does not constitute a change to the Regulations. Each time the virtual currency in the Application, regardless of its name, applies to the provisions of the Regulations relating to Coin.
  2. Terms of Service
    1. The Regulations define the relationship between the Operator and Users related to the use of Users of the Application and the Services provided through it.
    2. The use of the Application is also subject to the Privacy Policy, whichis an integral part of these Regulations, and other relevant rules that have been incorporated into the Regulations through the references contained therein.
    3. The User should:
      1. comply with the Regulations throughout the entire period of using the Application;
      2. independently assess the need to use the Application and not rely on any representations, guarantees or statements other than those expressly set out in the Regulations;
      3. have the ability to conclude contracts, required by law, or use the Application under the supervision of their legal guardians and with their consent. If the User is a minor, he/she is obliged to read the Regulations together with his/her legal guardians.
    4. The Operator recommends that the minor's parents or representatives monitor his/her activity on the Internet, in particular the way of using the Application. The Operator reserves the right to limit access to certain Services depending on age, and may make Registration by minors possible only with the written consent of their legal guardians.
    5. In the event a given person does not agree with the terms of the Regulations, the Operator recommends refraining from downloading the Application or uninstalling it. If the above-mentioned actions are not taken, the Operator assumes that the User has not raised any objections to the content of the Regulations.
  3. Technical requirements and rules of access to the Application
    1. The Application is available to Users using mobile devices that meet the technical requirements indicated in the Regulations, and for which devices the Application will be downloaded and installed from the Google Games or AppStore platforms. Downloading and installing the Application from other sources is a violation of the Regulations. This provision does not apply to Users' mobile devices on which the application will be pre-installed with the consent of the Operator.
    2. The Operator ensures the proper operation of the Application on mobile devices equipped with the Android operating system at least vers. 6.0 or the iOS operating system at least vers. 12.
    3. The quality of the Application's operation on individual mobile devices may not be the same. The versions of the Application for devices with the Android operating system and for devices with the iOS operating system may differ.
    4. An active Internet connection is required to use the Application. The costs of data transmission required to download, install, run and use the Application are covered by Users on their own, on the basis of contracts concluded with telecommunications operators or other Internet Service Providers. The Operator is not responsible for any payment for the use of data transmission necessary to use the Application. The Operator recommends the Users to use programs, applications or functions of the operating system that measure the amount of data transferred in order to avoid incurring excessive costs by the User.
  4. User registration
    1. The use of the Services provided by the Operator via the Application requires Registration by the User. Registration is free and voluntary, however failure to register will prevent the use of the Services.
    2. By registering in the Application, the User concludes an agreement with the Operator for the provision of Services by electronic means on the terms specified in the Regulations.
    3. Registration can be made in one of three ways:
      1. by creating a separate account for the purpose of using the Application itself - this method consists in providing an e-mail address and setting and confirming a password with which the User will log in to theApplication;
      2. by connecting to the User's account on the Apple Game Center platform (in the case of Users using the Application via mobile devices with the iOS system);
      3. by connecting to the User's account on the Google Play Games platform (in the case of Users using the Application via mobile devices with Android system).
    4. To complete the Registration, the User is required to provide the following identification data:
      1. username;
      2. e-mail address;
      3. password;
      4. repeated password.
    5. The Operator may extend the registration form with additional fields, which may be obligatory to fill in by new Users. In the case of existing Users, entering additional data may be a condition for further use of the Services.
    6. During Registration, in communication with the Operator, as well as in connection with the use of the Application, the User is obliged to:
      1. provide truthful, accurate, up-to-date and not misleading data;
      2. update the data provided during Registration in the event of their later change;
      3. keep the password to log in to the Application secret and not share it with other people.
    7. The User has the right to edit his/her data submitted during Registration and to change the password set during Registration. Editing data and changing the password is possible via the Application.
    8. The User is solely responsible for the false or outdated data provided by him/her, as well as for his/her disclosure to third parties of the password to log in to the Application.
    9. The User is responsible for not keeping the confidentiality of his/her login data or not securing them against access by third parties and - as a result - the use of these data by third parties.
    10. In the event that the User suspects any breach of the security of his/her data, including loss, theft or unauthorised disclosure of login data, the User is obliged to immediately notify the Operator of this fact and change his/her login data.=C2=A0
    11. The Operator informs that it does not verify the Users' identity in anyway during their Registration. In the case of justified doubts as to the truthfulness of the data provided by the User during Registration, the Operator reserves the right to limit the User's ability to use the Application until the User confirms that he/she has provided true data. The Operator will indicate to the User the method of confirming the data by means of a message sent to the=20 e-mail address provided by the User during Registration.
    12. The Operator reserves the right to remove or recover any User names at any time and for a justified reason, including, inter alia, in the case of submitting claims of third parties to the Operator regarding the violation of their rights through the name of his/her account given by the User.
    13. The User is not entitled to purchase or rent an account from another User, sell, rent or give the account to a third party free of charge, create an account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of a third party.
    14. The User is not entitled to use the Services if his/her account has previously been deleted by the Operator, or the possibility of using any otherOperator's application has been blocked.
  5. Rules for using the Application
    1. Launching and logging in to the Application using the data (including by remembering this data by the device) provided during Registration is necessary to use the Application's functionality.
    2. The Application is constantly improved by adding changes to the source code, interface changes and changes in the mechanics of individual functionalities, as well as supplementing the database and any corrections necessary for its proper functioning and development. Various tests of the Application are conducted, including: the smoothness of its work or the correctness of its response to the activities performed by the User. In connection with the above, there may be temporary difficulties related to the smooth use of the Application or access to individual Services.
    3. In order to be able to use the Application correctly, the Users should accept the acceptance of notifications ('push' type) with regard to the Services provided via the Application.
    4. The Application may contain descriptions of products containing links to websites. Such websites operate independently of the Application and are not supervised by the Operator in any way. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations that should be read.
    5. Users are required to use the Application in a manner consistent with applicable law, the Regulations and regulations of the platforms from which the Application was downloaded, as well as with the principles of social coexistence, including the general principles of using the Internet and mobile applications.
    6. Users are obliged in particular to:
      1. use the Application and Services in a way that does not interfere with its functioning;
      2. use the Application and Services in a way that is not inconvenient for other Users and the Operator, respecting good manners, principles of social coexistence and personal rights of third parties and any other rights they are entitled to;
      3. use any information and materials made available through the Application only within the scope of fair use.
    7. The Operator reserves the right to update these Regulations by indicating behaviours that it considers violating the rules of using the Application or inconsistent with the Regulations. At the same time, the Operator reserves the right to take actions, which may include temporary blocking of access to the User's account, permanent deletion of the User's account, or blocking the possibility of using certain Services in whole or in part in the event of the User taking illegal actions. The Operator's actions towards Users are based on the assessment of the seriousness of the breach and its frequency.
    8. The Operator indicates that, in particular, it is forbidden to:
      1. introduce by the User harmful materials, viruses, software to the Application to damage the Application;
      2. block or weaken the security of the Application, interfere with the Application code, use the methods of collecting Application data;
      3. any attempts of unauthorised access to the Application, its code or databases;
      4. use (directly or indirectly) cheating, exploitation, automation software, emulators, bots, hacks, mods or any other unauthorised software intended to modify or interfere with the Application;
      5. modify or cause modification of any files that are part of the Application;
      6. reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or other attempts to obtain the source code of the Application;
      7. disrupt or otherwise adversely affect the normal functioning of the Application or the impression of other Users using the Application, including,but not limited to: trading in winnings, any type of manipulation of results or rankings, using errors in the Services to gain an unfair advantage over other Users and any other activities which intentionally abuse or are contrary to the Regulations or the principles of social coexistence);
      8. overload or help to overload the Application;
      9. attempt to obtain unauthorised access to the Service, accounts registered or used by other persons or to computers, servers or networks connected to the Service in any way other than the user interface provided by the Operator;
      10. post any content that is offensive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, bigoted, racist, sexual, religious or otherwise unacceptable, offensive or infringing the rights of third parties, as well as linking to such content;
      11. harass, abuse or harm, support or incite to harass, use or harm anotherUser or a third party, including the Operator;
      12. request the provision of login data or personal data by other Users;
      13. use the Application for gambling, betting or other similar activities where prizes can be won, regardless of whether participation is subject to payment of any fee;
      14. use the Application for advertising purposes, acquire or send any commercial advertisements, chain letters, junk mail, spam, repetitive or misleading messages;
      15. provide false or outdated data or information.
    9. In order to supervise the correct use of the Application, the Operator may monitor, record and store the content published by the Users as part of the Application, including in particular the content of text messages in chat or voice communication. The operator is not responsible for the content posted by Users in the chat or in voice communication.
    10. Users are obliged to immediately notify the Operator of any violation of rights in connection with the use of the Application, as well as of any observed violation of the Regulations.
  6. Payment
    1. Some of the Services, as well as the additional functionality of the Application, may be unblocked by the User by paying a specific amount, expressed in Coin.
    2. With the help of Coin, Users can also make transactions between themselves within the Application, consisting in the exchange of goods, equipment or other items for the amount of Coin determined by the Users.
    3. For each transaction between Users made with the use of Coin, the Operator charges a commission of 20% of the amount expressed in Coin.
    4. Coin may be obtained by the User by making progress or achieving goals specified in the Application, or by purchasing from the Operator.
    5. Coin purchases are made only through the Application, using the payment methods provided by Google Games or the AppStore.
    6. The entity authorised to sell Coin is only the Operator. Users are not entitled to sell the purchased Coin to other Users or third parties. Coin cannot be traded or traded on external platforms or in any other form.
    7. Sharing a Coin with the User who purchased it is a Service provided by the Operator immediately after the User's payment is credited to theOperator's account.
    8. The legal guardians of the minor are responsible for purchases made by a minor who uses the Application without appropriate supervision in accordance with applicable law.
    9. The Coin prices indicated in the Application are gross amounts.
    10. The Operator reserves the right to change the Coin prices, introduce periodic promotions for the purchase of Coin, as well as change the type and size of packages, including Coin. The above actions do not change the terms of the Regulations.
    11. Coin cannot be exchanged for cash.
    12. All payments are made via the Application and using the methods indicated therein, without any additional contact from the Operator.
    13. The User is obliged to exercise due caution when he/she receives a message from a person claiming to be the Operator, obliging the User to provide his/her payment details, including the payment card number. The Operator is not responsible for the User providing any information or payment details to third parties
    14. All requests for a refund for the purchase of any content in the Application should be implemented on the terms described by the suppliers of the operating system on which the Application has been installed, i.e. Google Games or Appstore:
  7. Copyright
    1. The Application and all materials and information contained therein, the layout of the content presented within the Application, as well as logos, graphic elements and trademarks are subject to the exclusive rights ofthe Operator or its business partners and are protected by law.
    2. Registration leads to the User obtaining a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable and limited right to access the Application and use the Services for personal, non-commercial use for entertainment purposes. The User is not entitled to use the Application or Services for any other purpose.
    3. Each person may raise objections regarding the content of the infringement of the copyright of the Operator. Applications can be made at the following e-mail address: or by phone at: +48 512 091 087, as well as in writing to the Operator's address: ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 45a/21, 25-435 Kielce, Poland.
    4. The Operator shall not be liable for any infringement of Users' copyrights to the content published by them using the Application, including, inter alia, photos or avatars posted by them in the Application, assigned to their account.
    5. The development of the Application by the User, the use of these elaborations or their dissemination requires the consent of the Operator.
  8. Operator's liability
    1. The Operator conducts ongoing supervision over the technical functioning of the Application, ensuring its correct operation and proper provision of the Services.
    2. The User uses the Application voluntarily, on his/her own responsibility and should ensure the proper functioning of the Application to the extent that it is dependent on the User (e.g. the proper functioning of the mobile device, the use of settings enabling the receiving of current notifications from the Application, a stable connection to the Internet, etc.). The Operator is not responsible for the operation of services, applications and websites other than the Application and the Services provided through it.
    3. The Operator is not responsible for limitations or technical problems in ICT systems used by Users' mobile devices, which prevent or limit Users from using the Application and the Services offered through it.
    4. At the moment when the User's mobile device is lost, sold, stolen or lost by the User in any other way, and the device has an Application installed with a logged in User account or with saved login details, the Operator is not responsible for any potential losses of the User, including, in particular, for the lost or spent Coin, the deleted User's account or the change of access data to the User's account.
    5. The Operator is not responsible for short-term drops in smoothness in the functioning of the Application, temporary lack of access to the Application, the inability to use individual Services as part of the Application, as well as any errors, bugs, glitches and other unforeseen defects that may affect the quality of the Application's functioning, in particular when the above problems result from the introduction of improvements, updates, patches or any other works of the Operator aimed at improving the functionality of the Application and eliminating any errors, as well as when their source is force majeure.
  9. Termination of using the Application
    1. Users may stop using the Application at any time by deleting the User's account. The account is deleted as a result of sending a request in this regard to the Operator to the e-mail address:
    2. The use of the Application will also be discontinued when the changes introduced in the Regulations are not accepted, about which the User will inform the Operator by means of a written message or by e-mail (e-mail).
    3. In some cases, the use of the Application or individual Services requires updating the Application to the latest version. If the User fails to update, the possibility of its further use may be disabled.
    4. If the User uninstalls the Application from a mobile device, the User's account is not deleted. The User may still download the Application to any mobile devices that meet the conditions set out in the Regulations, and use it using the existing account, unless it is deleted for other reasons.
    5. The Operator reserves the right to delete the User's account and terminate the Agreement with the User if it remains inactive for at least 90 consecutive days.
    6. In the event it is found that the User commits activities prohibited bylaw, the Regulations, violating the principles of social coexistence or prejudicing the justified interest of the Operator, in particular its good name, the Operator may take all lawful actions, including limiting or preventing the use by the User from the Application and the Services provided through it.
    7. The Operator reserves the right to stop providing the Services without giving a reason, after notifying the Users of this fact and observing a 90-day notice period.
  10. Complaints
    1. All complaints related to the use of the Application and the provision of Services through it should be directed to the Operator at the e-mail address: or in writing to the Operator's address: ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 45a/21, 25-435 Kielce, Poland.
    2. The complaint should contain at least:
      1. name and surname;
      2. name of the User (if the complaint is submitted by the User);
      3. telephone number and e-mail address;
      4. a detailed description and indication of the reason for the complaint.
    3. In addition, the following data may also be useful in the complaint process:
      1. the model and name of the mobile device that the User uses to use the Application;
      2. the current version of the ICT system installed on the User's mobile device.
    4. The Operator immediately confirms receipt of the complaint from the User.
    5. The Operator will consider the complaint and inform the User via e-mail about the method of its consideration within the time limit provided for by the generally applicable regulations.
    6. In a situation where the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Operator asks the User to supplement them before considering the complaint. The time for providing additional explanations by the user extends the period of considering the complaint.
    7. If the User's complaint is not recognised and the User does not agree with the Operator's decision, he/she may request that the matter be resolved through mediation or through an arbitration court, and thus use alternative dispute resolution methods, including via the EU ODR internet platform available at:
  11. Final provisions
    1. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code and the Act on the provision of electronic services. The Regulations do not limit any mandatory consumer rights of the User.
    2. The Regulations are available through the Application and on the Operator's website:
    3. The Operator reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove parts of the provisions of the Regulations and other rules for the provision of Services at any time, at its sole discretion. Information on the change of conditions will be published in the Application, Google Games platform, AppStore platform or on the Operator's website in advance. Further use of the Application by the User, as well as the download, installation or use of theApplication after the date of the changes to the rules of providing the Services, leads to the acceptance by the User of the updated content of the Regulations, the Privacy Policy and other rules for the provision of Services.
    4. At the moment when any of the provisions of the Regulations is considered invalid on the basis of a legally valid decision of an appropriate public administration body or a judgment of a common court, it ceases to bind the User, however the remaining provisions of the Regulations remain in force.
    5. Any contact with the Operator, in any way related to the use of the Application and the Services provided by the Operator, is possible in the following forms:
      1. via e-mail to the following address:;
      2. by phone at the number: +48 512 091 087;
      3. in writing at the address: ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 45a/21, 25-435 Kielce, Poland.
    6. The personal data provided by the User is processed in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data.
    7. The privacy and cookie policy is an integral part of the Regulations.